Fingerboard League Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

We look forward to hosting FB League on Monday from 6p to 8p.  Our intention is to create a format that allows all skill levels to enjoy participating in the league.  League schedule will change every season, please refer to the current season's schedule for accurate information.  Contact Us if you have questions that are not answered below, or if you need help connecting with a team.


At each week’s event, members of every team will be given a 1-minute time slot to throw down their best line and biggest trick. Each run will be scored in a number of categories as outlined below, then teams will submit one Team Member’s score to be applied to their Playoff Points. After 9 weeks, the top 5 teams will advance to the season playoffs, along with one wildcard team. Prizes will be awarded at the end of season.

Additionally, up to 20 Members will be able to compete in an on-going bracketed tournament of S-K-A-T-E, with 2 matches each week.

Lastly, Members can demonstrate their skill in front of a judge to earn patches.

  • League Master - Provides weekly league reports and is the central point of contact for all league questions.
  • Judges - Provide scoring at events, but are not allowed to participate in the season they are judging.
  • Team Captains - Responsible for organizing a team and paying membership dues.
  • Members - By joining a team you become a member of the league.



Anyone who meets the qualifications outlined below may participate in the Hang Time Board Shop Fingerboard League. Failure to adhere to these policies can lead to expulsion from the league at the discretion of the League Master.

  • You have signed and agreed to the rules, regulations, and guidelines established in this document. (Parent/Guardian signature require for those under 18)
  • You have created or joined a team, and paid any necessary membership dues.
  • You will be present for at least two of the events in which your team is participating.
  • You will exhibit fair and sportsman-like conduct before, during and after events.

In summary: Sign the rules, join a team, show up, be nice and have fun!



Every season you must create or join a team in order to participate. Teams must have at least 2 participants, and no more than 5. Teams may not remove a player from their team during an active season, but you may add a player at any point during the season as long as the team remains at 5 participants or less.

Create A Team (click here): To create a team you must complete a team application form and pay a one-time team membership fee of $75.

Join A Team (click here): Ask a team captain about joining a team. The League Master can connect you with a Team Captain if you need assistance.



Each week the League Master will send out a schedule with predetermined time slots for each Member’s 1-minute run. Run’s will take place every 5 minutes on the designated park, until all competitors have completed their run.  

If a Member is unavailable or unready when they are scheduled to compete, they risk forfeiting unless they can find another Member to switch time slots with them.

Each event will be live-streamed to YouTube.



Two Judges will score each 1-minute run in the categories outlined below. The score will be determined by combining the two judges scores.

  1. Best Trick Difficulty (1 through 10)
  2. Best Trick Execution (1 through 5)
  3. Overall run score (1 through 20)
  4. Falls (-1)

Only one score from each team will be counted each week toward playoff points, however, each team must have two Members present to throw down a run.

In order to move on to the playoffs, every member of the team must have submitted at least one score for playoff points during the season. Scores will accumulate throughout the regular season, with the top 5 scores advancing to the playoffs.

The two teams with the top individual cumulative season scores will compete in a wildcard match for the final spot in the playoffs.


Round 1: All 6 teams will compete and the bottom two scores are out.

Round 2: The remaining 4 teams will compete, but the Member who scored in Round 1 can not score again.

Finals: The top two teams after Round 2 will compete for First Place and Second Place.  The top two scores from each team will be combined for their team score and the highest score will ultimately determine the winning team.  If there is a tie, the next highest scores from each team will determine the winner.



The S-K-A-T-E Tournament will take place once all Main Event runs are completed.

Each season we will start a new double elimination bracketed S-K-A-T-E tournament, the entry fee is $10 and must be paid before the tournament begins. Names will be drawn and assigned randomly based on a predetermined schedule. If you are not present during your scheduled match you forfeit, unless you are able to reschedule with your opponent within one week of the originally scheduled match. To reschedule a match, both Members must agree at least one day before the originally scheduled match. All matches must take place at Hang Time Board Shop with at least one Judge present.


  • Flip boards to select the starting player; grip up wins.
  • You must call your trick before making an attempt.
  • Making an attempt without calling the trick will result in a lost turn.
  • You have 30 seconds to attempt a trick, or lose your turn.
  • No trick may be repeated.
  • Both Offensive & defensive tricks have to have a clean landing; three fingers, hand slaps, and finger drag doesn’t count. In some cases, the Judge may issue a “rebate” to either Offense or Defense for close calls. In general, defense has a larger margin for error, but the Judge will have the final call.
  • All tricks must pop and land between the two designated lines.
  • Small obstacles can be included, as long as they are more than two feet from each line.
  • You must commit to your trick once you cross the line.
  • Grabs and manuals are off limits.
  • No-comply is allowed.
  • Your hand must remain in motion before and after your trick.
  • The Judge will ultimately decide if the motion ended and the trick is a bust.
  • Last letter gets two attempts.
  • If you have an equipment malfunction, you have 2 minutes to make a repair or you are out.
  • Be nice and have fun!



All participants receive a tournament patch for the season, in addition to a 10% league member discount on all purchases.


1st Place:
  • 1x $400 HTBS Gift Card
  • HTBS T-Shirt for each Team Member
  • Gold Medal Pin
  • Playoff Patch
2nd Place: 
  • 1x $200 HTBS Gift Card
  • HTBS T-Shirt for each Team Member
  • Playoff Patch
3rd - 6th Place: 
  • $50 HTBS Gift Card
  • HTBS T-Shirt for each Team Member
  • Playoff Patch


S-K-A-T-E (prizes based on 20 entrants)

1st Place:
  • $100 HTBS Gift Card
  • HTBS Hoodie
  • Gold Medal Pin 
2nd Place: 
  • $50 HTBS Gift Card
  • HTBS T-Shirt 
3rd Place: 
  • $25 HTBS Gift Card
  • HTBS T-Shirt 



  • League Patch - Unique patches issued each season to all league members
  • Trick Mastery Patches - Must pass a Mastery Test* with a Judge to earn these patches
  • Playoff Patch - Earned for making it to the playoffs
  • S-K-A-T-E "3-In-A-Row" Patch
  • S-K-A-T-E "5-In-A-Row" Patch
  • S-K-A-T-E "7-in-A-Row" Patch
  • S-K-A-T-E "10-in-A-Row" Patch



Winter Season
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