Proud to Support the Twin Cities East Metro

The mission of Hang Time Board Shop is to amplify and carry on the legacy of skateboard culture through an inclusive shop, local community engagement, and social media.

Skateboarding is about much more than it seems; appealing to people through its sense of community, freedom, creativity, and authenticity. Skateboarding is a generally non-competitive sport. Skaters work to push themselves to reach their full potential while supporting the other skaters who may have different skill levels, styles, or bag of tricks.

This lifestyle applies beyond just skateboarding, and aligns closely, if not directly, with long boarding, snowboarding, scooters, and one wheels.

Hang Time Board Shop provides a unique retail store where anyone curious about getting started, or already living the lifestyle will feel at home and be provided with everything they need.

Skating often becomes a pillar in a person’s life, and they will never forget their first broken board, their first trick, or their first fall - all of this motivates them to keep pushing on.